We want to provide people with career opportunites which improve their lives.

We also want to help companies’ find individuals who can have a tangible and lasting impact on their business success.

Integrity, honesty, professionalism and respect are at the centre of our company philosophy. These values have meant that those we work with keep coming back to us, which shows we must be doing something right.

If you are looking for a new challenge in your professional career or trying to find people who can help your company grow, expand and develop, we will always have your best interests in mind.

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Our focus is on the core functions of a business: Technology, Finance and Accounting, Compliance, Risk and Audit, Human Resources, Operations and Administration.

Within these areas we have proven success at all levels: executive and regional management, mid-career and entry level.

We specialise in several specific intersecting industries. We are well established in the banking, insurance and financial service sectors, enjoying preferred tier-one vendor status with a number of Japanese and Foreign companies.

We also work closely with several high-profile organisations within the FMCG and Information Technology areas, and have helped other companies to break into the Japanese market.

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Changing jobs is not a simple process and we take our responsibility to support your endeavour seriously.

At Next Move we understand that you are an individual with your own aspirations and goals, both professional and personal.

We actively listen to what you are looking for and try to find opportunities which will take you toward your long-term goals. We want you to be happy with the company you choose, so are careful to provide feedback, support and advice throughout the interview process.

The decision to change jobs affects all aspects of your life. We understand this and will provide support, guidance and clear, honest communication at all points so you can be confident that your decision is the right one.

Finding the right next step in your career depends a lot on being in the right place at the right time. If you are not looking to change jobs immediately, we are happy to keep you informed of interesting positions until the perfect opportunity comes along.

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We forge partnerships with a carefully selected group of industry leaders and companies who offer a great place to work and grow. This enables us to understand your business and really grasp what both hiring managers and HR teams are looking for.

By intentionally limiting the number of companies we work with we can pro-actively target the individuals you need while fully respecting non-solicitation agreements.

KPIs (key performance indicators) are not at the heart of our business; communication is.
Through effective communication we pinpoint exactly what you want in an employee, and provide an honest appraisal for every person we introduce.

When an applicant’s skills fall below defined requirements we will be honest about this, but we will also fight for those people who stand out from the crowd.

We want you to hire the right people for your organisation, and there’s much more to doing that than just matching a list of key words on a resume.

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Corporate Profile

Name: Next Move K.K.
Address: Minami Aoyama No.2 bldg 2F, 2-27-8 Minami Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Phone Number: 03-4580-6600
Representative Director: Geoff Norman
Date Established: 2009.6
Invested Capital: 20 million yen
Business Activities: Permanent Placement and Temporary Staffing and consulting
Staffing License No: 13-ユ-304242
Contracting License No: 般13-304500

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Our business is ultimately about people.
A strong level of honesty, integrity and openness is engrained in our company culture.
Our work can have a direct positive impact on a person’s life, and we can also have a tangible impact on a company’s success.

This is something you can take pride in, but it also carries with it a high level of responsibility.
We actively invest in people, and will encourage you to take on increasing levels of responsibility within the company. We want you to ‘develop a career’, not ‘perform a job’.

We look for people who challenge themselves to become more than they were yesterday while living life honestly and to the full. We work hard, but recognise that work is only one facet of life, and actively encourage people to pursue their out-of-work interests.
If you enjoy giving things 100% in both your professional and personal life, we’d like to hear from you

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Detailed Map

Minami Aoyama No.2 bldg 2F,
2-27-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0062

We are located 3 minutes’ walk from Gaienmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.

Exit Gaienmae Station through exit 1A and turn left at Subway. Our office is roughly 200m down the road on the right hand side.